TOP Electric Appliances industrial Ltd was established on 28th Dec. 1998. We are a professional company producing high end Stainless Steel products in the small electrical appliance industry. We are one of the biggest Stainless steel kettle manufactures in the world with over 4000 employees.
      We specialise in Kettle, toasters and produce a number of other small electrical appliances. We are well known for our manufacturing technique in stainless steel products. We work closely with many famous brands distributing products across the globe.
      TOP Electric has a large R&D department with a strong engineering background in Stainless steel and plastic appliances. Producing great engineering designs and innovation, owning a large number of patents. In addition, we have our own metal shop, molding shop and another five holding companies for electronic, heating element, power cord, silicon, etc. Which allow TOP to control and supply good quality products with competitive prices.

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